As we strive to be the best solution provider in the industry, we take into account numerous factors that can be considered as security tools, not only physically but also internally within the organization.

By continuously driving a security culture, and recognizing it as one of the single most critical core competencies within an organization will almost certainly assist any organization in moving one step closer to their business goals. Our solutions for organization security are designed to facilitate staffs and especially top management to reach that goal.

Among the solutions that we provide that serve the organization security needs are:-

  • Organization Communication Information Management System (OCIMS)
  • Web-based Time Management System (WTMS)

Organization Communication Information Management System

Organization Communication Information Management System or mainly known as OCIMS is a strategic information management system designed to facilitate the management and staffs of an organization in seeking information, planning and communication.

OCIMS allow organizations to manage their administration in managing staff resources, attendance, claim and leave more efficiently, including managing the company assets, financing, maintenance & project operation, marketing resources, development progress, organize work schedule and documentation handling more effective in one system.

OCIMS is designed to have multiple accessibilities, working with all kinds of current technologies and readily adapted to work with future gadgets. OCIMS caters for desktop but it is BEST USE with mobile tablets such as the iPads or Android Tablets. It is touchscreen friendly with easy to navigate icons that makes you do things faster.

OCIMS Key Features

  1. Connected And Always On The Go
  2. Minimize Cost And Maximize Purchasing Power
  3. Centralizes All Communication Into One Application (Portal/Cloud Service)
  4. Accessible Everywhere With Any Smart Devices
  5. Less hassle & paperwork with self service application


Web-based Time Management System

Our Web-based Time Management System is the one and only self-service time attendance application that enables administrator to conduct a comprehensive and effective management of staff attendance activities and profiling from a single platform.

Top management and supervisors will be able to monitor their staff’s whereabouts and attendance pattern, while staff will be able to update their attendance or their late-in/early-out to the office. WTMS is suitable for companies of all sizes with all types of multi working hours and multiple shifts.

WTMS is designed based on Malaysia Administrative and Modernization Planning Unit (MAMPU) guideline for time attendance. It provides the employers ability to monitor & manage the attendance at remote office or branches. It is able to integrate with other related system to attendance such as the HR & Payroll System.

WTMS Key Features

  1. Monitoring of Staff Attendance at Your Fingertips
  2. Fast And Automatic Calculation Shift and Overtime Work
  3. Notification for Alerts and Reminders
  4. Less hassle & paperwork with self service application
  5. Dynamic & Efficient Attendance Reporting for Increased productivity