IBS Technology is committed than ever to serve the client with what we do best, bearing in mind that customers always deserve the best. We design our products and solutions to meet the need of the industry. Our solutions covers the following areas and many more. Please contact us to provide further information for the following:

  1. Security, Access Control and Alarm Handling
  2. Integrated Public Security & Surveillance System
  3. Smart Card - National, Birth and Death Identification System
  4. RFID Based Vehicle Registration System
  5. License Plate Recognition System
  6. Chip Based Passport System
  7. E- Gate Passport System
  8. Integrated Transportation Terminal Operating System

Security, Access Control and Alarm Handling.

One of the major issues faced by large organizations is to select the right solution that is able to cater for their requirement in the areas of security, access control and alarm handling. Among the most common problem is too ensure that there are seamless integration when they are multiple sites involved and there are many features required within a single software platform.

Our solution fulfils every aspect of the security requirement for premises whether it is a factory, residential, high security camp, office building, etc. The highlight of our high end security solution is a single intuitive client interface called EWACS or “Enterprise Web-based Access Control, Attendance, Alarm Handling, Automation Control and Security System”. EWACS is designed as Icon-based for easier page navigation. This suits the technology design in this century where most applications are accessible and configurable both on computer and smart phones.

With the concept of one-for-all, IBS solution caters for various essential components that should be considered within a building. This includes security door access, vehicle barriers, pedestrian barriers, lift access, door, emergency door and alarm sensor, air lock, time recording terminal, guard tour terminal, perimeter fencing, panic and lighting alarm, CCTV camera, building automation sensors and many others. Each sensor will communicate with the IP based controller such as the SAC7000, SAC8000 and LAC7000. The controller meets to many reader standards including Mifare, Legic, HID and provides integration with various types of access: multiple types of doors, auto pedestrian barrier and turnstile, roller shutters, swing gates, bunkers doors and etc.

The monitoring can be designed to be centralized whereby all the alarm notification and emergency response is handled by a single unit however for faster response the monitoring can be decentralize. This is suitable for areas that are huge and has many guard post station. Each station will receive the same alarm alert and will be able to response to it based on the nearest location to the incident.

Integrated Public Security & Surveillance System .

There are many ways to reduce the incidence of crime in public areas however many surveillance efforts are done at specific areas only and not on a nationwide scale.

IBS Solutions for the Integrated Public Security & Surveillance allows a nationwide roll out that allows a more comprehensive approach to public security. We welcome state government, security services companies, municipal council and Telcos to work with us in providing cost effective packages to the Telco corporate or individual subscribers and citizen as a whole. .

The solution incorporates video camera surveillance and alarm system that provides most importantly the capability to control and monitor the system remotely whereby subscribers will be able to have live view of the camera recording from their home or offices. Sensor and security components can be integrated to create simple burglar alarm system that provides notification to the owner or the appointed emergency response team. Among the other features that we can incorporate:

  • Set up of a centralised 24/7 monitoring locally or on a nationwide scale.
  • Integrates to the state or nationwide enforcement bodies such as the national police force or the council enforcement team.
  • Arm your system from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Sync your cameras to motion detectors and receive triggered clips automatically.
  • Home monitoring whereby videos can be monitored through the television monitors.

To read further on our solution for public surveillance, please click here (Video Surveillance System Write-Up)

Smart Card - National, Birth and Death Identification System.

Smart card technology is very appealing because of their relatively low cost, robust security features, versatility and variety. By combining such a large number of security features on one piece of plastic, the smart card has become one of the most versatile ID and access cards in the world. This is based on the industry interoperability, commercial industry direction, economic considerations, multi-application capability, dynamic, loading of applications and software post-issuance.

It provides efficient public service delivery and protect against terrorism whereby the smart card contain a person’s biometric and combine several public and private transactions. Future applications include biometrics, physical access, logistics and departmental or component-specific requirements such as information regarding defense, travel, deployment readiness, property accountability, food services and medical/dental data.

If a country has universal standards for ID cards and is able to prevent forgery of these cards, conducting identity theft can be more difficult because the owner of the ID card can prove his identity. Many businesses require that customers show their ID card when using a debit card or a credit card. Authentic national ID cards will help employers identify if a job applicant is actually a citizen of the country and curb illegal employment of foreigners. In some country including Malaysia, for example, ID were aimed to curb tax evasion and welfare fraud evasion. They believed that it will expand the tax base and weaken the black market economy. The national ID prevents forged identities whereby some citizens might try to vote in elections more than once or stop non- citizen from voting.

IBS provides a total solution for Smart Card Based National ID/Birth & Death Registration.

  • Feasibility studies on the introduction of smartcard in e-Government applications.
  • Registration System
  • Issuance System
  • Queue Management System
  • Card Lifecycle Management System
  • Card Printing Management System
  • Card QC System
  • Key Management System

RFID Based Vehicle Registration System

RFID based vehicle registration uses passive RFID transponders or typically ultrahigh- frequency (UHF affixed to windshields or other parts of a vehicle. RFID is chosen as a medium because it provides the capability for minimal secure data transmission and long range detection – up to 3 metres.

Many countries have yet to introduce a centralized system that allows for the traffic police to have a more organized system that manages for all the vehicles in their state or country. The introduction of a new Vehicle Registration System allows the authorities involved to keep track on the statutory data about the vehicle, its history, its registration details and the owner’s data.

With a centralized vehicle registration system, the government could benefit from more efficient administrative processes such as the following:

  • Increased knowledge of vehicles in circulation.
  • Cost savings from significant reduction in processing times and paperwork.
  • Efficient recovery of traffic violation fines, registration fees and taxes.
  • Faster issuing of Vehicle Registration Cards.
  • Protection from purchasing illegally obtained vehicles.
  • Faster processing at state borders.
  • Enhanced protection against vehicle and identity theft.

Contact IBS to understand further on the overall architecture of our RFID based vehicle registration.

License Plate Recognition System

IBS LPRS is a proven system that has been Installed and operating in Pudu Sentral, Hentian Duta Kuching Sentral and the previous LCCT Parking. It is an exclusive recognition system that utilises image processing and combination of various other Artificial Intelligence techniques to accurately recognize plate numbers. The system utilises the camera as an input sensor to provide the input to the engine.

IBS LPRS is installed at the bus terminal whereby integration is done with the vehicle barrier and the Terminal Operating System (TOS). It monitors the bus vehicle registration number while filtering for unauthorised entrance and exit. It allows access only to buses with valid numbers and buses who has already paid their terminal rent fees and access to buses based on the schedule to avoid terminal congestion.

IBS is successful in the implementation of LPRS for the purpose to curb fraud issue. The LPRS unit is used to capture the plate number and image of the cars. The information is used to calculate the parking time or provide a proof of parking in case of a lost ticket - a typical problem in airport parking which have relatively long (and expensive) parking durations. It is integrated to the existing Parking Management System.

With LPRS and a combination with the existing CCTV solution, we are able to design a comprehensive security solution to curb issue like kidnapping that is becoming rampant in Malaysia and worldwide. The complete surveillance network that includes the LPRS will be able to give faster results when doing investigative and search hunt.

Chip-Based Passport Solution

The security features and mechanisms that chip-based passport offer are what makes it more desirable by many border enforcement around the world. From a glance, the chip-based passport looks the same as the traditional & classical passport, except, the chip-based passport has a computer chip embedded in it with information of the passport holder encoded.

The chip-based passport solution provides several crucial benefits to the country:-

  • The ability of detecting attack attempts by using fake and counterfeit passports
  • Confirms and secure the identity of passport holder that makes it easier to counter identity fraud
  • As complied with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) e-passport specification, it shall be possible that the level of document security be extraordinary, offering border control authorities a high level of confidence in the validity of travel documents.

IBS provides solution for a chip-based passport as it is a very appealing solution because of their robust security features, versatility and variety. By combining such a large number of security features on one piece of paper, the chip-based passport has become more versatile. The chip-based passport or shall also be known as biometric passport is a combination of paper and electronic passport.

It provides efficient public service delivery and protects against terrorism whereby the chip-based passport contains a person’s biometric and combine several public and private transactions. Basically, it contains of biometric information that shall be used to authenticate passport holder’s identity. The documents and characteristics of chip shall be done in accordance to ICAO 9303 specification.

IBS role shall incorporates but not limited to the following scope:

  • Design and Supply of e-Passport Management System (e-PMS)
  • Design and Supply of Passport Printing, QC and Lifecycle System
  • Design and Supply of Key Management System (PKI)
  • Supply of Chip-Based Passport Booklet that adopts the PKI technology
  • Supply of Chip-Based Passport Security Printers
  • Design and Supply of Database and Server Applications

E-Gate Immigration System

The design of the e-passport avoids any attempt for tailgating. However the most important design element is the air lock concept for security reason whereby there will be only one person at the middle section where the bio and image verification process take place. Failed verification ensures that the person is not able to proceed anywhere.

IBS is able to provide the design and supply of Electronic Passport Verification System. It encompasses the e-Passport Verification Application Software, e-Passport Lane Controller, Integration to Visa Management System and Integration to the country’s passport issuance database.

The passport holder will require going through the E-Gate for 1st level verification and proceeding to the counter at the end of the E-Gate lane for the arrival date stamp as the 2nd level verification. The passport verification for foreigners that may not have a chip based passport will involve verification of their visa whereby integration to country’s Visa Management System will be required. The officer at the counter at the end of the e-gate lane will be given the task to do visual inspection and verification of the images that will appear on his workstation monitor after the e-passport verification. He will determine whether to allow access to the passport holder to pass through.

The design of the e-Gate uses high grade stainless steel and tampered glass finishing. There are safety sensors placed along the lane to ensure smooth movements especially when travellers are carrying the trolley behind them. IBS solution will integrate the customized gate built with the core components such as the passport reader, biometric reader and cameras to ensure a smooth flow of travellers along the immigration borders.

Visa Management System

IBS Visa Management System provide for centralize issuing procedure that protects against illegal issue of stolen blank travel documents. In designing the proposed solution, we kept in mind the following objective of visa issuance:

  • Protect the country and its citizen from potential dangers from the travellers.
  • Protect the traveller by providing proof and evidence of approval for traveller to be in a particular country.
  • Revenue generation from the processing fee.

To solve the problems of inconsistency, many countries around the world are adopting to the ICAO recommended MRZ type visas similar to the ICAO standards for international passport.

Apart from meeting to the ICAO guidelines, the system is design to cater for security aspect of the issuance process whereby the issuance process is organized in such manner that no one individual can authorize the personalization and issue of the visa.

It comes with a complete audit trail of the entire issuance and personalization process and when handling forms and user data or making database transaction, the person carrying this transaction need to sign in or identify themselves with biometric readers to link them with the action .

Integrated Transportation Terminal Operating System

Development of many integrated terminal in Malaysia increases the requirement to provide the right solution to cater for the Terminal Operator, Bus Company/Operator, Passengers and Terminal Users. Various issues are taken into consideration when designing the solution:

IBS provides the terminal operator with a system that is able to control and monitor the status of buses that uses its platforms. It is integrated to various automated and control system that allow the operator to provide status of these buses to the passengers waiting at the terminals. Terminal management operator will have a lot to deal with when it comes to monitoring the activities around its terminal complex and busway.

From facing the ever-present threat like theft, criminal activities, to enforcing strict rules and regulations, terminal security personnel operate in a fast-paced environment that offers no room for mistakes. IBS IVMS integrates IP cameras, monitoring software and analytics technology to provide a complete approach for terminal management. The goal is identifying suspicious behaviour or dangerous conditions before they escalate. 

Integrated Public Security & Surveillance System R1