IBS involvement in the payment security solution provide parking operators with the ability to provide more and convenience method for payment. Our offer in this solution category is primarily focused on the parking industry at the moment however we are also inclined to provide our services in other industry including highway toll collection and the transit system. Below are the systems that we carry under this category.

  1. Pro-Tech Parking System
  2. EMV for Parking System

Pro-Tech Parking System

Parking System has become one of the biggest investment in Malaysia in recent years. This is due to the rapid development of high rise building for commercial and residential purposes. Parking system faces the challenges of meeting to various categories of end user from daily parking to monthly and season parking.

If you own a parking lot and want to take advantage of your parking system then Pro-Tech Systems are for you.  Pro-Tech offers parking operator and building management the tool to control, manage and monitor the collection aspects of parking. This includes a flexible user define rate traffic or parking scheme structure and viewing and printing of operational and information reports.

It provides convenience for patrons as there are many choices for payment including pay on foot automated machine, prepaid cards and in the near future, our parking system will allow payment through credit cards.

Our ProTech consist of the following:

  1. Central Control and Payment System
  2. Ticket Dispenser – PT TD2000
  3. Autopay Station - PT AS2000
  4. Exit Station – PT ES2000
  5. Vehicle Barrier - PT­VB3

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EMV for Parking System

Under the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA), Financial Services and in the Entry Point Project (EPP 4), the government seeks to reduce dependence on cash transactions to 63% of total transactions by 2020, while targeting to increase e-payments to 200 per capita per year and 25 point-of-sale (POS) terminals per 1,000 inhabitants by 2020. Based on the 2011 statistics from BNM, the main prepaid card provider in Malaysia managed to secure 2.3 billion transaction value mostly from land transportation market.

In line with this, IBS has embarked on a journey to design products that will further encourage the electronic payment (e-payment) for various industries thus reducing the dependence on physical cash.

Apart from the provision of a comprehensive Payment System Infrastructure and Services from acquiring, processing and clearing & settlement reporting services, IBS is committed to ensure that our solution meets to the international card standard such as Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS) whereby all IBS active application from front-end until back-end comply with PA DSS requirement and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) whereby the system developed and data handling comply with PCI DSS requirement based on agreed PCI DSS level.

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