WTMS “ Web Based Time Management System ” is a Self-service Web Based Attendance Tracking & Management system. It Support employee attendances with increased productivity & efficiency and suitable to all size of companies and type of employees.

WTMS is design based on Malaysia Administrative and Modernization Planning Unit (MAMPU) guideline for time attendance. It provides the employers ability to monitor & manage the attendance at remote office or branches. It is able to integrate with other related system to attendance such as the HR & Payroll System.

WTMS Key Features

Monitoring of Staff Attendance at Your Fingertips

  • Managers are able to view their staff current attendance from their own PC.
  • Information whether staff is already in the office & their clock in/out time.
  • If late, absent or early out, will know the reason
  • Staff that applied for leave will be indicated as on leave on remarks column.
  • Arrival after specified working hour will automatically considered absent and there will be alert pop up screen

Fast And Automatic Calculation Shift and Overtime Work

  • Suitable for companies that has staff on rotating shift basis.
  • System, allows configuration based on preferred date range & change to suit current shift rotation.
  • Can group staff with similar shift rotation
  • Automatic OT calculation system and Supervisor OT Verification
  • Provide option for employer to filter OT data, fill up job description & detail out the record

Notification for Alerts and Reminders

  • If attendance not found, there will be a prompt alert.
  • Pop-up forms to indicate reason for lateness, absentees or incomplete full day working hours.
  • Managers/supervisors can be alerted on staff that requires approval or verification
  • Shortcuts available to allow all the alerts to be attended to.
  • HR/Admin can take action on staff attendance issues.
  • Alerts can be in a form of e-mail

Less hassle & paperwork with self service application.

  • Online form for staff to state reason for their lateness, absent & early-out
  • Superior can verify & approve reason & it shall used by payroll or HR department to make necessary actions.
  • Staff can apply leave using the online form too.
  • If superior approve the leave, the information will be display as remarks in attendance report.

Dynamic & Efficient Attendance Reporting for Increased productivity

  • 15 standards report templates consisting of movement, attendance & OT reports.
  • Managers & superior can view attendance and print it by selected date range.
  • It can be viewed based on Individual, Department & Overall
  • Report will link to online form depending on attendance status.
  • Attendance report are displayed with all relevant details such as remark & reason
WTMS Brochure