IBS has been providing access control system for over 20 years. The are more than 1,000 IBS access controllers installed and used in Malaysia. Our controller started with our version of SAC2000, PSC2000 and SAC5000. All these model are obsolete and replaced with our latest controller know as SAC7000 and SAC8000. Both controllers are IP based.

With the advance in the network technology,  we designed our new product known as SAC7000 and SAC8000 to be an IP based controller. Not only does SAC7000 and 8000 provides feature and benefits of the IP technology but it bring other features that allows our client to leverage on their investment. It meets to both Legic  and Mifare readers standards and provides integration with various types of access: multiple types of doors, auto pedestrian barrier and turnstile, roller shutters, swing gates, bunkers doors and etc. For vehicle and lift, we use the combination of our SAC8000 and our UMC.

Key Features for our access controller :

  1. Multiple reader interface
  2. High Number of cardholders
  3. Capable to store a huge amount of Blacklist ID
  4. High number of off-line transactions
  5. Configurable multimode operation
  6. Anti-pass back feature
  7. User-friendly keypad interface

Controlller model SAC7000 SAC8000
Microprocessor 32bit SoC Rabbit4000
Operating frequency 58.98MHz 300Mhz
Memory • 1MB Serial FLASH

• 512KB Fast SRAM Program Execution

• 1GB Disk on Module

• 2GB microSD/SD Card

• 128/256MB DDR2 Onboard
Power Input • 12VDC Operating Voltage

• POE optional (for TAS)

• Single Voltage +5V @ 380mA
Communication port • 1 x 10/100 Based-T Ethernet

• 2 x RS232 up to 7 Mbps

• 1 x selectable RS232/RS485 (RS232 – up to 7 Mbps, RS485 – up to 7 Mbps).

• 1 x 10/100 Based-T Ethernet

• 1 X Enhanced IDE Port

• 1 X Parallel Port

• 3 X RS 232 Port

• 2 X USB port (Ver 2.0)

• 1 X Selectable RS 232/485

• 2 X 16 bit GPIO port

Communication cable type Recommended BELDEN 24AWG 1419A/UTP Cat 5e
Max length of communication 1Km(RS485)/ 100m(UTP Cat 5e)
Controller I/O • 1 Door sensor 1 Exit button

• 4 Tamper switch

• 1 Locking output (EMLock, Door Strike or etc.)

• 1 Alarm output (Siren/strobe light or etc)

• 6 protected open collector general purpose output

• 7 Programmable digital Inputs/outputs

• Sensor loop 1

• Safety loop

• Barrier trigger

Card format Support MIFARE, LEGIC, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), DESFIRE, iCLASS SE
Max card holder 30,000 40,000
Max event transaction (Off-line Mode) 100,000
Max blacklist ID Up to 20,000
Anti-Passback Global, Local & Forgive Anti-Passback
Operating temperature -20°C to +85°C -40°C ~ +85°C
Humidity 10% to 90%, non-condensing
Remote & poll controller via web server • IP Address Configuration

• ID Configuration

• Time Synchronization

• Output Activation

• Reset Controller

• View Transaction or Card ID

• Poll the Controller Health Status

• Poll the Status of Controller I/O