Video Surveillance System, is widely used nowadays as part of the public and corporate security tools. IBS understand the niche requirement of our client and we have selected our video surveillance components based on that niche. Our IVMS suite provides the avenue to curtail and prevent crime in housing estates, public facilities and public streets, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour at hot spots and other public areas, maintain a constant watch on all commercial centres and highly crowded public area, act as a deterrent, which would cause potential traffic offenders and criminal to rethink their course of action.

In recognizing cross-manufacturing compatibility as the key to widespread adoption of network video solutions, our offered NVRs and cameras are ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliant. ONVIF is committed to promoting the adoption of network video solutions within the global security market. Focusing on system interoperability, the development of a worldwide open standard is the forums primary mission.

Hence, not only surveillance cameras, but IBS also provides other surveillance components, such as the server and software for centralized integrated video system and network video recorders. Among the crucial components that IBS provides and have been proven to work are as per below.

Our Video Surveillance System cater for various scenario and apart from the outdoor solutions, the major components used in a standard video surveillance requirements are as follows:

Digital Server Surveillance System
  • MSS serves different function categories in the main interfaces. The setting interface is able to display current TV wall layout effect, hence make it easier for user to view and operate.
  • Supports various windows split scales and HD video display.
  • Supports remote surveillance and enable footage to be viewed by any smart devices.

Monitoring Surveillance System

  • Perform central management of the system and is able to categorize users into 2 types Administrator & Operator
  • Support various devices including a video server, IP cameras, and etc, with maximum device registration of 1000 channels.
  • Live monitoring from the DSSS Client, includes instant play feature and other features for effective monitoring activity.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

  • Able to store up to 30 days recording of the proposed cameras and provides status monitoring information.
  • Provides status overview, recording status information, as well as for live view and recording preview for single cameras.
  • High-performance, flexible, scalable, and a highly reliable storage.

Surveillance Camera

  • High quality resolution to provide clear and detailed result of video recording and image capture.
  • Weatherproof/vandal resistant.
  • Able to work with any types of security device.

Integrated Public Security & Surveillance System R1