IBS Potential

High End Security Solution

IBS is a well-known company that provides High End Security Solution for the past 20 years. Our software application and controller for access control, security, alarm handling, automation and CCTV Surveillance is able to fulfill any new requirement at any given time as it is easily deployable. Due to our active in-house R&D activities, we have kept our product both software and hardware very competitive commercially and technically. We are always on our toes to keep our product features updated, workable and highly reliable.

Most of the effort done to gain new business for this solution is through the tendering procedure however we would like to welcome our partners to work with us to fulfill any urgent requirement for the high end security solution. A solution that is suitable for big buildings, scattered buildings, military camps and prison. With the concept of one-for-all, IBS solution caters for various essential components that should be considered within a building. This includes the aspects that controls and monitor security door access, vehicle barriers, pedestrian barriers, lift access, door, emergency door and alarm sensor, air lock, time recording terminal, guard tour terminal, perimeter fencing, panic and lighting alarm, CCTV camera, building automation sensors and many others.

Public/Home Surveillance

IBS Home Surveillance Solution and package allows a nationwide roll-out of the solution that provides a more comprehensive approach to public security and surveillance. The solution incorporates video camera surveillance and alarm system that provides the capability to control and monitor the system remotely whereby subscribers will be able to have live view of the camera recording from their home or offices. Sensor and security components can be integrated to create simple burglar alarm system that provides notification to the owner or the appointed emergency response team.

IBS welcome investors who are willing to work on a PFI (Private Funded Investment) approach for home/nationwide surveillance. We have the solution that is ready to be deployed. With IBS cost effective solution and our proposed business model, investors are able to reach their ROI effectively. The target end user are corporate and individual subscribers that agreeable to the 12-24months contractual service for the surveillance.

Outdoor/Street Surveillance Solution

IBS experience in CCTV surveillance is more than 20 years. We have always kept ourselves abreast of new technological changes in the CCTV industry. Our solution is designed for fast installation, device setup & mobility – using 3G broadband (M2M) whereby it will be easy to be reinstalled at other places. It provides longer battery hour that supports electricity power for 12 hours during street lighting pole off time.

The solution is supported by Solar Power that covers up to 48 hours for longer solar support and it has a total isolation transformer for better lifetime and high protection of the equipment. Most importantly, the solution provides the flexible monitoring for remote viewing so that you can watch the security footage from your smartphone and tablet, without the need of dedicated Control Room. The Solution is cost effective and highly suitable for municipal council, police and security management company use for neighbourhood watch programs.

License Plate Recognition System

IBS LPRS is a proven system that has been installed and operating in Pudu Sentral, Hentian Duta Kuching Sentral and the previous LCCT Parking. It is an exclusive recognition system that utilises image processing and combination of various other Artificial Intelligence techniques to accurately recognize plate numbers. LPRS is integrated with the Terminal Operating System (TOS). It monitors the bus vehicle registration number while filtering for unauthorised entrance and exit. It allows access only to buses with valid numbers and buses who has already paid their terminal rent fees and access to buses based on the schedule to avoid terminal congestion.

IBS is successful in the implementation of LPRS for the purpose to curb fraud issue. The LPRS unit is used to capture the plate number and image of the cars. The information is used to calculate the parking time or provide a proof of parking in case of a lost ticket - a typical problem in airport parking which have relatively long (and expensive) parking durations. It is integrated to the existing Parking Management System.

We are looking for partners and opportunity to further expand our LPRS capability by making it a part of the overall city surveillance solution. With LPRS and a combination with the existing CCTV solution, we are able to design a comprehensive security solution to curb issue like kidnapping that is becoming rampant in Malaysia and worldwide. The complete surveillance network that includes the LPRS will be able to give faster results when doing investigative and search hunt.

Payment Security

Under the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA), Financial Services and in the Entry Point Project (EPP 4), the government seeks to reduce dependence on cash transactions to 63% of total transactions by 2020, while targeting to increase e-payments to 200 per capita per year and 25 point-of-sale (POS) terminals per 1,000 inhabitants by 2020. Based on the 2011 statistics from BNM, the main prepaid card provider in Malaysia managed to secure 2.3 billion transaction value mostly from the land transportation market.

The EMV Payment System Infrastructure and Services is already matured for the retail industry however there is still a big market that is left untapped for the land transportation industry. IBS has embarked on the journey to fill in the gap for this industry. IBS develops an EMV Payment System for use at parking areas, public transit and also at the highway toll.

Our solution covers the systems that do the acquiring, processing and clearing & settlement reporting services. IBS is committed to ensure that our solution meets to the international card standard such as Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS) whereby all IBS active application from front-end until back-end comply with PA DSS requirement and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) whereby the system developed and data handling comply with PCI DSS requirement based on agreed PCI DSS level.

Organization, Communication, Information Management System (OCIMS)

OCIMS is a well-known tool that facilitates the organization's top management and staff in managing their business operation and corporate commitments. OCIMS is designed to have multiple accessibility and responsive to any smart devices interface size.

We have perfected our OCIMS corporate however we saw the need for a more customized solution for several industries including the retail and the co-op. Our OCIMS Retails is a new platform that is specifically designed to serve the retail business and particularly the ones that have multiple outlets. OCIMS Retails is designed to be touch-screen friendly point-of-sale system that is able to record each sales transaction and generate instant sales report for monitoring and viewing. Partners with client in the retail area will be able to leverage on our solution.

The same goes for OCIMS co-op, a version that caters for the operational function of co-operative set up. There is an estimated of 11,000 co-operatives in Malaysia, and that will definitely create revenue for our agents that carries OCIMS.

National ID Smart Card Solution

Many countries have introduced smart cards for national ID which includes, but not limited to, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and most countries in the European Union. The usage of national ID smart card can help reduce identity theft and enable individuals to use online applications more securely in a variety of industries such as health care and banking. But most importantly a standardize smart card based ID will assist the Law Enforcement by having the citizen information in a centralized database for nation planning and good governance.

Our national ID solution incorporates all key process including feasibility study right up to the setting up, refurbishment of new or existing offices to cater for the roll out of the new national ID. Apart from the physical set-up, we will provide the technical expertise to ensure that the network architecture suffice to meet to the new demand. All data and information will be transferred in a secured network and made available in a centralized national database.

The sub-system available includes the Registration Management, Card Issuance Management, Card Life cycle Management, Card Printing Management, Card QC and Key Management System. Contact us for further information of our offerings and how we can integrate your civil registry system with our solution.

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